ANZSJA Publications

ANZSJA Analysts have contributed widely to the development of Jungian and post-Jungian thought as it relates to both the psychology of the individual and our relationships both inter-personally and collectively. Many works are concerned with cultural and global subjects, while others deepen our understanding of the intra-psychic.

The extensive contributions by individual ANZSJA Analysts include books, e-books and papers for journals, public lectures and presentations. Our analysts have also created and/or produced films and videos, performances, exhibitions, installations and public events.

A listing of these diverse and highly individual contributions is available in the attached  ‘ANZSJA Analyst Publications and Creative Works’.

ANZSJA has two significant publications:

The Uses of Subjective Experience (2008) edited by A. Dowd, C. San Roque
and L. Petchkovsky. This is a record of the proceedings of the conference “The Uses of Subjective Experience: A Weekend of Conversations between ANZSJA Analysts and Academics who work with Jung’s Ideas” held in Melbourne October 20-21, 2007.

This unique collection of papers, conceived as a conversation between clinic and academy, offers a unique insight into applied Jungian thinking in the southern hemisphere.

The Uses of Subjective Experience’ is available for immediate download as a PDF.

Download: 'The Uses of Subjective Experience'

Landmarks (2001) is a collection of papers by twelve ANZSJA Analysts, compiled by H. Formaini. It is a powerful exploration of landscape, body and mythic imagery that gives expression to a rich cultural diversity and an emerging Australian consciousness.

Landmarks is an impressive tribute to the vitality of ANZSJA and a ‘landmark’ display of what Jungian psychology has to offer those who seek a deeper understanding of the Australian experience as well as what the Australian experience has to offer the world of Jungian psychology.”

Warren Coleman, Jungian analyst and author.

Landmarks can be ordered by e-mailing the ANZSJA Executive Assistant at