Peter Reid

5.5.35 – 19.4.98

Photo PeterReidPeter Reid was born in Dunedin on 5th May 1935 and died 19th April 1998 due to a melanoma. Up until his passing he had been working in Wellington as a Jungian Analyst and psychotherapist for some 15 years.

After a variety of occupations, he came to university late in life and loved being a student. He looked forward to retiring and having the opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. Peter loved the outdoors and spent a lot of time tramping in the mountains throughout New Zealand.

Peter is survived by his wife Tina and his two daughters to whom he was devoted: Ema (now Sundarangi Kelly) and Jessica.

Peter contributed generously to ANZSJA. He initiated ANZSJA’s original Code of Ethics, was involved in the training and eventually accepted the role of President; a position he occupied until his passing. His colleagues recall Peter as “being a strong man, particularly when ‘hard stuff’ had to be said.” “He was a robust advocate for ongoing professional development, analysis, and supervision for analysts”. “We had a great memorial for him at our AGM at North Head, Manly. We, and particularly Sally Kester, sang some Gilbert and Sullivan of which Peter was very fond.” “I was very fond of Peter and had a very high level of respect for him.” “A great loss to/for all of us.”

ANZSJA has instituted the annual Peter Reid Memorial Lecture which is delivered at the ANZSJA Annual Congress.

by Barbara Bassett