10 August


Jungian Approaches to Working with Narcissistic and Borderline States of Mind

Rae Chittock, Fiona Kalmar, Kerrie Kirkwood
An opportunity to explore primitive states of mind and corresponding defences through an in-depth look at the myth of Narcissus and clinical work with narcissistic and borderline states.

13 July


Encountering Baba Yaga: A Psychological Interpretation of a Fairy Tale

Sarah Gibson, Joy Norton
A creative immersion and exploration of the psychological meanings of the Baba Yaga fairy tale.

29 June 


Cultural Trauma: Jungian Perspectives

Glenda Cloughley, Amanda Dowd, John Merchant
Working with the personal and collective impact of ruptures in identity and culture, this seminar explores different psychological and creative approaches to recognising and healing cultural trauma both for individuals and cultures.

6 April


Spirituality in a Contemporary Jungian Psychoanalytic Context

Judith Pickering, Les Stein
An exploration of the meaning of spirituality, meditation and mystical experiences in clinical practice, analytic training and in the analyst’s own process.

22 – 24 March


Mythic Immersion – How Persephone Works

Craig San Roque, Miriam Pickard
An invitation to participate in an experience of the Persephone story. The weekend will include an introductory performance and storytelling, a reflective session outlining the Persephone/Demeter myth, and opportunities to engage somatically, psychically and through the mythopoetic and dream with the story.

9 March  Coolangatta Working with Dreams in Clinical Practice: A Jungian Approach
Patrick Burnett, Jacinta Frawley
This seminar will offer participants an opportunity to consider the meaning and process of dreams and dreaming in their clinical practice in the context of Jung’s concept of the psyche and contemporary research in the biological sciences.

9 March


Gender Diversity in a Contemporary Jungian Psychoanalytic Context

Katina Ellis, Kerrie Kirkwood
This seminar will offer clinicians an opportunity to re-examine the relationship between gender, trauma and the formation of self within individuation processes.

9 February Melbourne Gender Diversity in a Contemporary Jungian Psychoanalytic Context
Kerrie Kirkwood, Jo Violet
An opportunity to re-examine ideas about gender, trauma and the formation of self within individuation processes.






  Sandplay in Jungian Analysis
Saturday 17 November 2018, Canberra

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ANZSJA:  Symbolic Processes & the Body in a Contemporary
Jungian Psychoanalytic Context
Saturday October 20, 2018, Auckland

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ANZSJA:  Symbolic Processes & the Body in a Contemporary
Jungian Psychoanalytic Context
Saturday August 11, 2018, Melbourne

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Craig San Roque, Jungian Analyst practicing in Alice Springs has been involved in Indigenous mental health services since 1992. He will be one of the speakers at a CASSE Symposium on Breakthrough Recognition ‘THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW’ to be held in Melbourne on Saturday 25 March 2017, Melbourne.
What does a nation that sees, hears and knows – that recognises – all of its peoples look like? This symposium 
journeys through the unrecognised trails of trauma and may shine a light on dreaming breakthroughs to achieve recognition, change minds and save lives.
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ANZSJA: Gender Fluidity in a Contemporary Jungian Psychoanalytic Context – April 2018:  

SATURDAY April 7, 2018
9.00 to 3.45


Gender Fluidity in a Contemporary Jungian Psychoanalytic Context

Katina Ellis
Kerrie Kirkwood
Jo Violet


Three ANZSJA Jungian analysts Katina Ellis (Canberra), Kerrie Kirkwood (Sydney) and Jo Violet (Melbourne) present their clinical experience and current thinking about gender fluidity within the analytic relationship. Each has a depth of experience working with gender issues with children, adolescent or adult clients including transgender clients and those who are exploring the complex issues associated with gender identity and sexual orientation. This seminar is an opportunity to re-examine ideas about gender, trauma and the formation of self.


Sydney analyst Dr John Merchant continues to run weekly courses in Jungian and general Psychology for the general public through the University of Sydney’s, Centre for Continuing Education (see In 2018 these courses are:

C.G. Jung: His life and work
Tuesday 6th Mar to 17th Apr 2018
6.30pm – 8.30pm

Psychology: An Introduction
Tuesday 1st May to 3rd July 2018
6.30pm – 8.30pm

Jung and Dreams
Tuesday 6th Nov to 11th Dec 2018
6.30pm – 8.30pm


Seminar: Fairy Tales and Sandplay  –  August 3-5, 2018

C G Jung stated that ‘in myths and fairytales, as in dreams, the psyche tells its own story.’
Fairy tales continue to enchant, fascinate and horrify us. They are a valuable resource for adults and children facing the complexities of life and overcoming blocks to psychological development.  They offer insights about the emotional experiences of abandonment, envy, hatred, betrayal, rivalry and fear.  In this 3 day workshop Jungian analyst Sarah Gibson takes us on journey into some psychological interpretations of the traditional fairy tales that depict the dark feminine, evil stepmother or witch in her wildly varied human and animal guises.

Sarah will explore throughout the weekend how fairy tale symbols may appear in the sand trays of adults. There will be opportunity for participants to investigate their personal connection to traditional fairy tale narratives and to become familiar with the fairy tale characters in their own sand play collections.

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Further information and registration:

Sarah Gibson
Sarah Gibson works as a Jungian Analyst (ANZSJA) and Sandplay Therapist (ISST) in private practice in Sydney. She has been working as a psychotherapist with adults for over 25 years, completing her Jungian analytic training with ANZSJA in 2003. As a Training Analyst Sarah teaches and supervises analytic trainees. She became a member of ISST in 2013 and a teaching member in 2017. Sarah has a particular interest in sandplay, story and creativity.
Sarah is an artist and filmmaker.
Her enhanced e-book Re-enchantment- Ways of Interpreting Fairy Tales (2014) is available from iTunes.


Friday 11th August 2017 – Dr John Merchant will be presenting to the Sydney Jung Society on ‘Jung and the Paranormal’
Join Sydney Jungian Analyst Dr John Merchant in this exploration of the range of Jung’s researches into paranormal phenomena. John will illustrate his presentation with some contemporary examples so as to reveal the nature and functioning of the total psyche.
Venue:              Mitchell Theatre, SMSA, LEVEL 1 280 Pitt Street Sydney
Time:                Friday 11th August, 2017 from 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Cost:                 Member $15 Non-Member/Concession $25/$20

11th February 2017 – book launch ‘Art Therapy in the Early Years”
The book launch of ‘ART THERAPY IN THE EARLY YEARS’ edited by Sydney Jungian Analyst, Julia Meyerowitz-Katz and Dean Reddick will be held Saturday 11th February, 3pm Gleebooks, Glebe, NSW. (A Routledge Publication)


Sydney analyst Dr John Merchant continues to run courses in Jungian and general Psychology for the general public through the University of Sydney’s, Centre for Continuing Education. In 2017 these courses are:

Jung and Dreams
Tuesday 31st Jan to 7th Mar 2017
6.30pm – 8.30pm

Psychology: An Introduction
Tuesday 8th Aug to 10th Oct 2017
6.30pm – 8.30pm

Jung and Alchemy 
Tuesday 7th Nov to 12th Dec 2017
6.30pm – 8.30pm

Saturday 10th September 2016 Listening to the Kindly Ones
One day workshop with Glenda Cloughley and Johanna McBride exploring the regeneration myth and the arts as remedies for grief and fear many people feel in the climate change crisis.
For more information on these Sydney Jung Society events visit:

Friday 9th September 2016
  Regenerating Politics   7.00-8.30pm
Canberra Jungian analyst Glenda Cloughley shares stories and observations about the renewal of cultural health that still happens when the mystery of regeneration bursts into political life.

Friday 12 August 2016 
They’re coming to eat Your Brains: Zombies in Popular Culture 7-8.30pm
Jungian analyst Jacinta Frawley looks at the origin of the zombie in popular culture. How can we understand the twin notions of Zombie Apocaypse and the zombie as a source of creativity and humour?

Short Courses in Jungian Ideas
Jungian analyst Dr John Merchant will offer two short courses
19 July to 23 August  2016    Jung and Dreams  6.30 – 8.30pm
24 October to 28 November 2016 Jung and Archetypes  6.30– 8.30pm
Both these courses are part of the Centre for Continuing Education, University of Sydney. For more information go to



4 November 2016   The Sacred Circle   7.30pm

In her talk ‘The Sacred Circle’ Dr Susan Pollard explores the Mandala as a Path of Awareness and Dialogue, we taking up the symbol of the ‘sacred circle.’  She shows how the cycle of ‘quaternary’ appears in life and in dreams and make reference to Jung’s Compass of Psychological Types as individuals travel on the way of individuation.
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The following CG Jung Society of Western Australia events include ANZSJA Analysts; Ken Milling, Andre Zanardo, Gregg Kershaw & Brittain Garrett.

Lecture:          Matters of the Heart: Holding Poetic Therapeutic Space
Presenters:     Ken Milling, Andre Zanardo, Gregg Kershaw, Brittain Garrett
Date:                May 18, 2018 at 7:30 pm
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For further information about the following events of the C.G. Jung Society of WA email:

18 November    Being, Relatedness and ‘Otherness’              7.30 pm
Jungian analyst Andre Zanardo explores what it is to be genuinely relational? What facilitates and what forecloses this endeavour? With the use of clinical vignettes and images from Jim Jarmusch’s last film ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’,  examines the idea that without being truly open and relational to/with an ‘other’, we limit our potential for ongoing psychic self emergence and development.

21 October 2016         Film: Trauma and the Soul Part 2               7.30 pm

16 September 2016   Film: Trauma and the Soul Part 1                7.30pm

These evenings provide the oportunity to hear a lecture by Jungian analyst Donald Kalsched from Albuquerque, New Mexico speak about his latest book Trauma and the Soul (2013). He goes into the mystical or spiritual moments that often occur around the intimacies of psychoanalytic work.

20 August 2016 Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
A one day workshop with Aditee Ghate exploring your sensitivity, the role of HSPs in our lives, myths associated with sensitivity and the clinical implications of working with HSPs.

19 August 2016 Resolution of a Projection: Transference manifested through technology 7.30pm
Jungian analyst Aditee Ghate will differentiate the concepts of projection and transference and explore how these are manifest specifically through technology.

The following CG Jung Society of Western Australia event will be presented by ANZSJA Analyst Aditee Ghate:

Lecture:        Traumatic dissociation of aspects of the feminine: An Asian cultural perspective
Presenter:     Aditee Ghate
Date:              September 21, 2018 at 7:30 pm
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