ANZSJA offers professional development programs/events for clinicians who wish to expand their clinical approaches to include Jungian and post Jungian perspectives.

ANZSJA Analysts also offer public talks and events for people interested in exploring Jungian and post-Jungian ideas and their application to the individual, society and culture.  These events may include public lectures, seminars and workshops, screenings, performances and exhibitions.

Our listings include diverse events across Australia and New Zealand.


Australian and New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts
Seminars for Clinicians

2022 Seminars

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Further 2022 Seminars will be uploaded soon.


19 November 2022 Zoom Jung and the Metaphorical Mind
Mark Winborn
Join Dr. Mark Winborn in this clinical seminar as he explores metaphor, imagination and reverie which are three inter-related processes that underlie the analyst’s fundamental stance in the analytic process (i.e. the analytic attitude), create the potential for change in the analytic process, and also provide the foundation for any creative experience.
3 December 2022 Zoom Understanding and Working with Disruptions in Symbolic Capacity in Jungian Analysis
Mark Winborn
In this clinical seminar Dr. Mark Winborn presents an overview of symbolic capacity in Jungian psychology; examines the origins of disruptions in symbolic capacity; and explores the analyst’s use of reverie in the treatment of patients with disruption of symbolic capacity with particular attention to imagining what the patient cannot imagine, as well as the use interpretation of non-verbal, non-symbolized psychic experience.






































Further 2022 Seminars will be uploaded soon.

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