Dr Wilson Daniel

24.1.29 – 8.2.15

Photo Wilson DanielsThe Members of the Australian & New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts were deeply saddened to hear the news of our colleague Wilson’s passing on 8 February 2015. He was known to be a solid, warm, supportive man, an astute mentor and friend.

Wilson joined ANZSJA in the late 1980s. He had returned from finishing a PhD in Psychology at Claremont University, to finish his Jungian studies in Wellington with Dorothea Norman-Jones (Wraith), the New Zealand founder of what was to become ANZSJA.

His contribution to ANZSJA was enormous. He worked for ANZSJA with passion and dedication. Wilson is remembered as a warm, interesting and interested man who cared for people. In the training sphere Wilson put much effort into supporting and nurturing trainees. He was experienced by trainees as very encouraging and supportive. He was ANZSJA’s first official “Convener of Training.” Wilson also worked extensively on the Protocol Committee and on changes to the Constitution. Many members recall with appreciation his wisdom, experience, humour and kindness. We also recall his vivacious spirit and his immense energy for ANZSJA. We knew Wilson as a Jungian analyst but he was also a violinist, a language teacher, a Presbyterian Minister and a Barrister. He held Doctorates in both Psychology and Theology.

by Dale Dodd and Alison Thornton