Dr Dale Dodd

1.12.41 – 12.10.15

Photo Dale DoddDale Dodd was born in Oklahoma on 1st December 1941 and I was privileged to be with him and his wife and family when he died on 12th October 2015 at North Shore Hospital, Auckland after an unexpected series of strokes.

Educated at the University of Texas, he obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1971. Although born and raised in the American Bible Belt Dale was a Buddhist from about thirteen years of age.

Following three years in New Zealand, first as a Senior Psychologist at Porirua Hospital in Wellington, and then as Principal Psychologist for Wellington Hospital, Dale went to New Mexico in 1978 to train in Santa Fe with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. He returned to New Zealand in 1981 and completed his training with Dr. Dorothea Wraith in the late 1980s. On this return, Dale went into private practice in Wellington. In the middle 1990s Dale moved to Auckland with his wife Mary where they worked in private practice until his recent demise. Dale acted as Co-Director of Training for a number of years.

Dale is survived by his wife, Mary Lane Dodd, his son, Mark Dodd, grandchildren, Marissa and Allison, stepchildren Lynn Lacy-Hauck and Paige Lacy, and step-grandchildren, Emma Hauck and Jessica Woulfe.

On hearing of his death Dale’s colleagues have said of him: “Dale is a treasure to us all”; “A wise, wonderful and compassionate man”; “I experienced Dale’s generosity and good mind on numerous occasions during my training and as a colleague and I’m very grateful for that”; “a very loving being”; “warm, encouraging and immensely supportive”; “Dale’s gentle humour, kindness and wisdom were formative in the health of our culture and our training”; and “a wise and compassionate colleague, with a great depth of professional experience and with an irrepressible, radiant sense of humour”.

At times I can lucidly capture the sense of Dale in my mind, at other times I lose it. What will come to mind: coffee, irreverence, humour, a serious concern for others, patient pausing before acting, striving for equanimity, wisdom, exchanging emails in poor German, spirituality, creativity and being artistic, an architect and builder, becoming sleepy, a lover of the environment, huge generosity, being a Trickster, naïveté, intuition, a capacity to listen, speaking too softly, a capacity to formulate from many vertices, bad puns, a commitment to foregrounding empathic attunement, a capacity nonetheless to interpret, getting off topic and just wanting to chat, more coffee. Where does this end? These thoughts will come back again and again as will others that hide at this time.

Dale was a polymath, a truly educated man whose kindness, understanding, support, wisdom and humour I shall greatly miss.

by Chris Milton